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Why why why why why?

As a scientifical chick, it is my job to ask questions.
Asking questions is the route to finding an answer.
It is a way to gain understanding, insight and common ground.

If you are a laboratory mouse, this can often feel like an interrogation,
though our goal was simply to understand why box A’s cheese was
repeatedly better than box B’s, whilst under the influence of caffeine
and listening to infrasonic soundwaves.

I soon came to question the importance of asking that particular question,
especially as the mouse was having difficulty with the communication
touch pad we rigged up in the lab. The research centre questioned my
dedication to the advances of scientifical stuff, which led me to query my
career path in cross examining creatures out of nothing but curiosity.

Questions, questions, questions.
There is often a time to sit  back and simply accept.


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